"Ivy Wilde's "Poison Ivy" performance was a classic burlesque performance which fulfilled the brief perfectly in my eyes. Costume, character work and excellent dance skills as she used the stage to it's best advantage, relating to the audience with great effect."

Helene Bach, Burlesque Blogger


Poison Ivy 

Ivy's signature act, the tale of Dr. Pamela Lillian Isleys' transformation into Gotham's eco super-villain right before your very eyes!

Find out how this sweet, shy wallflower becomes one of Gotham's most notorious villains...

An ever in demand act that includes custom costuming with over 2,000 high end crystals and a light up finale!





Ivy the Genie waits for her next master's wish and grants it with a flurry of excitement with a celebratory dance like you've never seen before!

Costuming styled on traditional American bump in grinders this is a fun upbeat number with a tassel twirling finale.





A classic American style bump n' grind number inspired by the redheaded burlesque queens of yester year, think Tempest Storm and Betty Rowland.

With costuming referencing the bewitching night sky with crystals and sequins emblazoned as the starry night, join Ivy in this delicious number to get your heart beating.




 Oh Christmas Tree 

Ivy is a Christmas Tree come to life in this upbeat number. Magically wending her way through the crowds she hands out presents to the audience before stripping her branches to reveal the present beneath.

You've never seen a Christmas tree quite like this!

A fantastically fun festive number with custom commissioned one of a kind costuming.